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Which portable bluetooth speaker has the best bass?

Looking for affordable price, but comes with best bass portable Bluetooth speaker? Here we just recommend ideal one for your reference, HiFi NFC portable bluetooth speaker with long battery life.

This HiFi NFC portable bluetooth speaker with long battery life is built to create hifi music sound, configures top notch hardware make it perform epic sound quality, perfect for streaming and share hifi music wireless & seamless, experience real first rate sound.
Our senior designer work hard blended in professional acoustic design factors to the device, which make it stand out from others. Compare to other regular Bluetooth speakers in the market, our boom portable Bluetooth speaker comes with as series of advanced configurations:
First: Latest wireless transmission Bluetooth 4.0 technology, keep high quality audio file transmission without lost distortion, it also includes features as follows:

1. CSR Chipset Bluetooth 4.0 with APT-X sound technology
2. Supports Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)
3. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) 1.2
4. Hands-Free Profile (HFP) 1.5
5. Headset Profile (HSP) 1.1
6. NFC (Near Field Communication)
7. Wireless Range: up to 10m

Second: use top notch quality speakers, which produce crystal clear and rich sound quality, excellent bassy technique perform out incredible deep bass. And also adopted noise cancelling microphone allows you to make and receive call via Bluetooth pair up, also includes features as follows:

1.2 x 3 watts crystal clear acoustic speaker
2. 4 x 9 cm Ultra bass passive radiator
3. Built-in Noise cancelling Microphone
4. Stereo sound performance
5. Output: 90dBm

Third: the housing case is made of anodized aluminum that make it looks quality feeling, anodized aluminum case has strong ability to anti erosion and scratch, the color is bright and beautiful. In addition, it has also anti fingerprint on the surface of the case and not easy to get rusty.
High Quality Aluminum body finishing
Enough portability design
Forth: Button and battery
Touch sensitive buttons with backlight
About 10 hours of continuous play (varies by volume level and audio content)
Built-in rechargeable 1000mHA Lithium-ion battery
Dimension and weight
Length: 120mm
Width: 60mm
Height: 54mm
Weight: 340 grams


Any Bluetooth enable device

AUX Input
Micro-USB (charging only)
Package content
3.5mm stereo cable
Micro USB cable
User guide

Which portable bluetooth speaker has the best bass?

wifi speakers vs bluetooth speakers comparison

wifi speakers vs bluetooth speakers comparison, which one is best?

As wireless technology improving and developing quickly in the past few years, they are widely applied to many products in some filed, specially on audio and video devices, thanks to these application, it do change and make our living easier and more convenient. Here we are taking about wireless audio devices such as bluetooth and wifi enabled speaker.

People cannot do without music in modern living, it is not only bringing rich enjoyment in auditory sense, but also in body soul relaxation, although a wide variety of mobile phone comes with bluetooth or wifi and built in tiny loudspeaker to play music, they cannot produce shocking and powerful sound quality, so people usually choose professional sound generator to stream music.

There are a wide of selection range of sound generator such as FM radio speaker, bluetooth speaker, wifi speaker, airplay speaker, etc. but as professional audio devices: wireless bluetooth speaker and wifi speaker is pervasive in the market, they get advantages no matter in sound quality, function and performance between both of them, however there are still differences between bluetooth and wifi speaker, which one is best for your choice? we made form and list out simple and easy to understand key points, since there are too many articles in blog talking about Bluetooth speaker and wifi speaker over the internet, here we just give you summary.

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Meanwhile, the cost of wifi speakers is higher than bluetooth speakers, because the cost of wifi chip and its configuration is too high, compare to bluetooth speaker, maybe only cost 10 ~20USD can get one with not bad sound quality, so all you want just depends on your requirements or like.

wifi speaker vs bluetooth speaker