How to get a best deal?

How to get a best deal?

As a professional gadget and consumer electronic supplier, Kinfomtech has been striving to ensure that shoppers or buyers can close a deal with effective cost, here some tips for shoppers or buyers on how to get best deal when they plan to purchase goods from kinfomtech.

  1. Please email us your purchase plan if you focus on wholesale.
  2. We will provide competitive quotations based on your interested items and quantity.
  3. Please do not hesitate to email back to us if you think our quotations is expensive and show us your target price, we will do it if we can meet.
  4. We encourage buyer to send back their feedback to us after quotations, so we continues to improve and position our product market cost.
  5. Our products support wholesale but also retails, the price depends on your purchase quantity.
  6. Sometimes shipping cost is higher, but we help you to choose right shipment method such as faster-DHL (for 3-15KG), cheapest-Bpost (0.02~2KG), good price-air transportation (15-100KG) and large bulk quantity-sea shipment.
  7. Do not choose to keep a silence when you want to negotiate good business, just speak out and try to make it come to true.

Please note: no matter what you concern about unit price of our products or shipping cost, please straightway point out by return email.

For example: you order 100pcs, the unit price we offered is 12usd, however you think this price is no competitive, you shown your target price is 8usd and then we match it if we can do. It can make us shorten deal time if buyer specify target price.

(Buyers) you did not struggle to spend many times on inquiring a large amount of suppliers to make price comparison because most of these suppliers are unqualified! They did not quote you real lowest price and quality, some of them have potential risk of fraud and especially once receipt of payment from buyers, they disappeared immediately, phone is power off and email is no reply! These cases are happened from some of our customers, it’s real story.

As an honest supplier, Kinfomtech promise all buyers that all prices or quality quoted are real. We did not provide fake price then sacrifice quality. We patient to explain the quality standard and cost to buyers and buyers make right decision based upon their purchase plan.

Honest buyers and suppliers often use accept PayPal for small quantity deal. It’s safe and fast.

Our customer phone is keeping 24 hours online and answer any question what you need to know. We will notify buyer payment information once receipt of payment from buyers, do not worry about your payment, because we have refunds terms to make your deal safe and secure.