How to install iPhone 6 tempered screen protector?

Give a premium protection for your iPhone 6’s screen is necessary! This is also worthy investment since tempered glass play a shield & safeguard role for screen, which let you use it without any risk of screen is damaged and shattered even if you drop your phone into floor careless.

Installing tempered glass screen in your iPhone 6 is easy, no need to know technical knowledge, here are several simple steps for your reference:

  1. Cleaning fingerprint oil contamination on the screen by wet tissue, wipe dry the surface of screen by dry tissue again.
  1. Locating tempered glass screen protector and align tempered glass with edge or hole location in phone then slowly place down.
  1. Make tempered glass screen protector slowly adsorb and stick on the screen by touch the center of screen.
  1. Easily wipe away residue little bubble on the screen protector with fingerprint or provided clean cloth.

How to install iPhone 6 tempered glass screen protector


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  2. Orion Hopper November 15, 2016

    I think it’s better to do in the service center or any experienced person. I have ordered an iPhone 6 Screen Protector  from Mobansp online store & then in a shop I did it. He did it well. I will share this information with them for better result.

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