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Cheap 9H iPhone 7 tempered glass screen protector-shatterproof

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Cheap 9H iPhone 7 tempered glass screen protector-shatterproof

This 9H iPhone 7 tempered glass screen protector is perfect cut and design, allows the screen protector to get installed with ease. It’s completely bubble-free. The HD clarity, and also 9H hardness, ultra thin, provides best safeguard from scratch and shock.


  1. Made of superior tempered glass
  2. With precision cut and design, perfect fit for iPhone 7
  3. 9H hardness, ultra thin-0.3mm, 2.5D
  4. HD and transparency, high responsiveness to the touch
  5. Processed by 420 degree high temperature tempered makes its hardness near to diamonds
  6. Enough 1 hour tempered time significantly enhance its toughness and impact proof performance
  7. Screen protector comes with oleophobic coating that enable to ward off abrasion or accidental damage, etc. and also it’s hard wearing.
  8. Protect your phone from scratch and shock.
  9. Complete bubble-free installation, easy to install and remove.
  10. HD clarity, scratchproof, impact proof, anti glare and anti fingerprint, etc.
  11. Use superior AB glue to joint
  12. Offer competitive price
  13. Technical support and warranty is provided


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