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This car phone charger built in QC 3.0 quick charger technology which allows users to fast charge cell phone in the car. Created 3 USB port charge connection on the charger, it means that users can charge 3 different mobile devices via standard USB cable. Intelligent current allocation, the conversion rate is increased to 90%, the charge speed is 40% faster than normal charger.

How this product can help you?

This car phone charger built in QC 3.0 quick charge technology, it allow users to finish charging phone within short time. and come with LED indicator.

Intelligent operation: smart adjusting current, fast charge with zero damage.

This car phone charger built in dual core system, smart dual core and dual system running.

Intelligent frequency division: intelligent current allocation, 3 port USB output, and reasonable allocation current that allow user to charging 3 different mobile devices simultaneously.

Smart and high efficiency: the conversion rate is increased to 90%, the charge speed is 40% faster than normal charger.

Intelligent inverter: precision figure out the current that digital mobile devices need and then auto allocate or match the current.

Material: superior fireproof ABS plastic, piano baking surface finished, wear and scratch resistant, drop proof, high intense.

Premium zinc alloy spring piece, top class USB connector passed test of abrasion proof, no deformation and rust.

Specification: input: DC12-24V, output: DC 5V=4.8A

Quality international standard: CE, Rohs FCC.

Seven layers safe protection: temperature protection, short circuit protection, input and output over voltage protection, over charge protection, over current protection, under voltage protection.

Large power output: single USB max output is up to 4.8A. 4 times charge speed, it’s higher efficiency than QC 2.0, charge time is faster.

Design size: 65mm*35mm*25mm, portable, compact, it is easy and convenient to carry on the go.

Safety hammer design at the top of the charger: user can take it to break glass in the emergency case to escape.

Perfect compatibility, intelligent match technology, smart detect the management charging chip in cell phone and tablets, output most reasonable current, compatible with most of the smart phone, tablets, bluetooth earphone/MP3/MP4/DV/DC/GSP etc.

Color: gold and rose gold


Cheap price, reliable, 3 port USB, intelligent current allocation, seven layers safe protection, QC 3.0 quick charge, 12 month warranty.


MOQ: 5pcs no free shipping.

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