Cheap 3.1A dual usb car phone fast charger with LED display

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Product Features

Dual USB car charger

Battery voltage detection, detect current in the process of charging

Multi- layer safe check protection, seven layer protections: overcharge, overvoltage, under voltage, short circuit, over current, overload, over temperature.

Superior plastic ABS materials, UV piano baking varnish surface finished

Compatible with most of small digital devices includes smart phones, tablets, GPS, camera and more.

Auto detect current charging device’s model and charging environment then match or allocate best current, protecting battery under highest efficiency charging.

Large LED display: battery voltage, charging input current and temperature within car.

After plugging in car charger, LED display show temperature, output and input voltage per 20 second.

Intelligent current output: based on the current that charging device need, our car USB charger can allocate right current to it. in order to protect charging device during the process of high speed charging, Smart adjust output when charging is full. System can cut off power supply when input or output current is greater than safe current.


Input voltage:DC 12V-24V

Output voltage:DC 5V

Output current:3100mA, conversion rate: 95%

Voltage measurement range:5V—25V± 0.2v

Current measurement range:0–3.1A±0.1A

Temperature measurement range:-20+80±1

Dual USB with 3.1A built in PTTC over current protection, indicator function.

Size: 78mm* 40mm * 30mm

Weight: 46g

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