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Wholesale 10000mAh dual USB power bank mobile charger

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Products Details

Battery capacity: 10000mAh

Battery type: polymer lithium ion battery cell

Housing case: premium plastic

Features: dual USB, a micro USB input and battery LED indicator.

Support charge and discharge

Lifetime: charging and discharging cycle ≥500 times

Input: 5V/2.0A, output: 1.5V/1.0A and 2.5V/2.4A, fully charged time for power bank is only 3 hours. Percent conversion is up to 85%.

The power bank provides extra 10000mAh battery life to the phone when you are in urgent need it. Offer high speed-charging and extend battery life.

Compatible with 99% smart phones and tablets

The power bank comes with android and lightning cable, so users charge two different smart phone simultaneous easily such as iPhone and android phone.

The power bank is slim (12.8mm), portable and compact size which is easy and convenient to carry out on the go. It’s perfect fit for travel and office use.

Ergonomic design brings users more comfortable handing feel. Skin-friendly, one-batch forming plastic housing case, the case is also abrasion resistant and anti collision

Weight: 210G, product size: 135mm * 70mm * 12.8mm

Support customized service

Colors: grey, gold, white, light pink, light blue, carbon black, rose gold.

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