Wholesale 2.4A 10400mAh power bank for iPhone, cell phone

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Premium battery cell

This power bank charger use new and high density battery cell which is the same with Apple used it on iPhone, more sufficient battery and light weight. This battery cell features smaller volume, more capacity storage and more light weight, support charging while discharging and provides quick charge for your phone safe and durable.

Our power bank can provide different charging reference value for different mobile devices based on test data from our research group: 4.5 times for iPhone, 2.6times for galaxy s6, 1.6 times for iPad mini. Charging times depends on actual charging situation for different mobile devices.


This 10400mAh power bank has smooth streamline and excellent exterior look design. It uses dual curved surface design which make manual holding feel more comfortable and moderate.

All in one charge cable with dual input

This power bank built out a micro USB and lightning cable, it means that user can charge their android phone and iPhone at one time. The both cable can be folded up onto in slot when user are not in use it, it’ easy to unplug.

Charge efficient

The power bank charger use new generation fast charging technology, which make charge efficient increased to 45% and save 30% charge time.

Third generation CPU

This power charger built in smart power bank CPU chip. Used precision and lower internal resistant dual layer PCB which make battery life increased to 20% and output rate increased to 20%.

Carrying with new generation quad core CPU makes remaining power indication more accuracy, charge and step up efficiency increased to 20%.

The charger features intelligent current recognition technology, dual smart current control output, intelligent detect equipment chip and output safe current.

10-layer circuit protection enhances safety and efficiency for both, charge and discharge.

Short circuit, temperature, electrostatic, over voltage, over charge, over discharge, over current, over power and incorrect insert protection.

Output: 5V/2.4A

Output: 5V/2.1A

Product size: 135mm*71.8mm*6(min)/14.5(max)

Net weight: 185g

Colors: black, white, gold, rose gold and coral

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