What’s best iPhone 6 screen replacement cost and quality?

Many people always concern about iPhone 6 screen replacement cost when they take their broken or damaged LCD on iPhone 6 to repair. In fact this is right, no matter you decide to leave your iPhone in Apple repair center or non-authorized third party to repair and it always produces screen replacement cost. Here we just simple rounded up different prices with different quality in the market for your reference and hope these information is useful for you.

12.8USD-this price is quoted based on high copy quality which is also called AAA grade. It means that LCD, digitizer, front glass and frame are not real. Most of them use aftermarket or super high copy parts to assemble. Although this LCD assembly can be compatible with iPhone 6 after many times test and upgrade. It seems that and color display and touch control performance is also working well, but its biggest issue is not good durability and stability. Of course this quality and price is good suitable for you if you are seeking for lowest price and do not request too high in performance.

31USD-Well if you are willing to spend more on better quality screen replacement for your iPhone6, this quality is priority to choose. This kind of quality is called OEM original refurbished. It means that LCD panel and touch screen digitizer is real, but the frame and front glass is aftermarket parts. We have tested many this OEM refurbished LCD assembly and found its color quality display and stability is better than copy LCD. For example, it would not appear some unintelligible lines or grids on the screen like aftermarket LCD assembly. Moreover the color picture is clear and good durability to use.

55USD. We must point out that 100% OEM complete original iPhone assembly comes from Apple authorized LCD panel manufacturers such as LG, Sharp, Toshiba, in-cell, etc. so this is exact 100% OEM quality LCD assembly. The whole parts include LCD panel + touch screen digitizer + front glass + frame + other parts are real and they are produced by Apple authorized OEM manufacturers.

In conclusion, which quality and price you should consider? It depends on your requirements instead of pursuit blindly lowest or highest price. Meanwhile affordability is also important.

What’s iPhone 6 screen replacement cost?