Buying Guide: How To Choose Right Wireless Earbuds ?

Buying Guide: How To Choose Right Wireless Earbuds ?

It is an art and a technology to choose a Bluetooth earbuds that suits you from a crowd of brands. Now I will analyze it for you from the aspects of demand, Bluetooth related parameters. When it comes to products, everyone will always give priority to price, but to determine whether a earbuds is worth buying, in addition to price, other needs should also be considered. For different needs, our choices will be different. If the game is mainly used, the earbuds is required to have low latency; a slight delay in listening to songs and online classes has no effect, and you can focus on wearing comfort and sound quality; it is recommended to choose semi-in-ear earbuds for long-term wear; , in-ear can be, call noise reduction function is a must.

The true wireless Bluetooth earbuds is developed based on TWS technology. TWS is the abbreviation of True Wireless Stereo, which refers to true wireless stereo. The application of TWS technology in Bluetooth earbuds is very mature, completely abandoning the trouble of wiring and making movement more free.

Wireless bluetooth earbuds related parameters

Coding method

Coding method at present, the encoding methods mainly include SBC, AAC, aptX, LDAC, and HWA. Among them, the most commonly used encoding method for Apple devices is AAC, LDAC is an encoding method developed by Sony, and aptX is a Qualcomm technology. Apple phones currently support SBC and AAC encoding, while most Android phones support aptX and LDAC encoding. When choosing a wireless Bluetooth earbuds, pay attention to whether the encoding method supported by the earbuds is compatible with the device at hand. Furthermore, the delay control has a lot to do with the chip of the mobile phone. Because the process of encoding the audio file is handled by the mobile phone chip.

Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth version the stability and anti-interference ability of the Bluetooth transmission process are determined by the Bluetooth transmission channel. Therefore, when purchasing wireless Bluetooth earbuds, try to give priority to Bluetooth 5.0 or above.

Battery Life

  1. Battery life Generally speaking, the battery life of the earbud is more than 4 hours. Moreover, the total battery life of the wireless Bluetooth earbud is determined by the battery life of the earbuds and the battery case. The total battery life is more than 20 hours, so there is no need to worry about the lack of power.

Waterproof Level

  1. Waterproof grade For daily wear, it can be splash-proof. Generally, earbuds with a waterproof rating of IPX4 can meet the needs of daily wear waterproofing. For those who sweat a lot, you can consider the IPX5 waterproof rating. The higher the waterproof level, the higher the process requirements, and the cost will naturally rise. If you use it for swimming, it is recommended to choose earphones with an IPX8 waterproof level.

Noise Canceling Technology

  1. Call noise reduction: Call noise reduction is a very important function for users who have more daily calls. Ordinary TWS earbuds collect different sounds through two different microphones, and then separate the sounds through algorithms to filter out ambient noise. High-end wireless Bluetooth earbuds will use three microphones and above to achieve noise reduction in calls, and even two-way noise reduction.

Prices Range

6. Regarding about price choices, it will more depend on yourself consumption level, moreover there are too many prices range that can be chosen for you. In addition, lower or higher cost has something to do with earbud’s features and functions.

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