How to ship?

Thank you for visiting our online shop, we are committed to provide our customers with competitive price, top level quality standard, safe, professional and innovative products, here are some best tips on how to ship your items when you order from us.

  1. For small packages and small quantity, we advice that use express to ship is more efficient, faster, cheaper and safer. The express carriers you can choose as follows:

2. For 50kg~300 kg packages, it’s better to use air transportation to ship, more efficient, faster, safer and cheaper.

air shipping

3. For 300-5000kg packages, it’s bulk quantity, should be shipped via sea transportation is must, more efficient, cheaper and safer, but it will take 25-35 days for one time delivery.

sea shipping

Welcome to advice if you have any questions about shipment tips above, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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