What Can I Do For You ?

Supply Chain Management

With over 1000 supply chain resources to help you build your own products. Includes Metal, Plastic, Silicone, Electronic Parts and Surface Finish, etc.


Streamlining Manufacturing: Maximizing Savings and Quality with All-in-One OEM, ODM, EMS, and Finished Product Assembly Services,

Cost Management

Providing cost down solution, inlcudes cost analysis, cost benchmark, cost negotiating, cost calculating and pricing, design for cost, and utilize VAVE to reduce cost !

Sound Quality Control System

Maintains rigorous quality management systems and adhere to international quality standards such as ISO9001, TS16949, ISO13485, 6Sigma, etc.

Finished Products Assembly Services

Providing All-in-one OEM, ODM, EMS, and Finished Product Assembly Service. Save money on small volume orders without compromising on quality.

Product Project Developing

Providing consulting service from concept to completion: the process covers sourcing, NPD/NPI, EVT, DVT, PVT, procurement, cost verify, quality assured, delivery, etc.

Who I am ?

With over 16 years of experience, my consulting services offer a comprehensive range of expertise that covers various areas crucial to the success of businesses. Whether you need assistance with New Product Development/New Product Introduction (NPD/NPI), Original Equipment Manufacturing/Original Design Manufacturing (OEM/ODM), Project Development, Sourcing, Quality Control, Supply Chain Management, Product Assembly, Manufacturing Solutions, Operations, or Cost Management, I am equipped to provide you with professional guidance and solutions. My extensive knowledge and practical experience in these fields enable me to identify opportunities for improvement, streamline processes, and maximize efficiency within your organization. By analyzing your specific needs and objectives, I can offer tailored strategies and recommendations to help you achieve your goals and enhance your competitive edge. With a professional tone of voice, I am committed to delivering exceptional consulting services that contribute to your success and sustainable growth.

Save Your Time and Cost, From Concept to Completion !

“Transform your ideas into reality with cost-effective sourcing, efficient prototyping, and streamlined manufacturing process – all in one place! Expertise in NPD, NPI, EVT, DVT, PVT, cost-down initiatives, and rigorous quality control measures. Let’s bring your vision to life!”