Cheapest best iPhone7 case for your shiny new phone

Cheap is always popular for shoppers. This premium protective case and cover for iPhone 7/ 7plus only offered 0.4$. This is very worth investment if you want to provide great protection against drop, scratch and bump for your phone. here are details:

Product Details

Compatible with iPhone 7/7plus

Material: quality soft TPU

Protective functions: camera protection, scratch and abrasion resistant, drop proof and anti bump.

The phone case surface workmanship: texture, it features anti fingerprint, anti sweat, anti skid.

Colors optional: black, red, blue, white and brown.

Features: ultra thin (0.6mm), good handing feel, soft, advanced injection molding, independent button,

Rigidity: soft and flexible, no deformation for long time use.

Style: simple, stylish and causal.

Precise cutouts allows to full access to speakers, microphone, cameras and all control buttons without removing the device from the case.

The case is easy to install on to your device and do not slide out easily. Not too tight or too loose, perfect fits for phone size.

Premium iPhone 7 case black on sale price-off promotion-0.4$
Premium iPhone 7 case black on sale price-off promotion-0.4$
Premium iPhone 7 case black on sale price-off promotion-0.4$
Ultra thin soft TPU cheap iPhone 7 case and cover drop proof
Ultra thin soft TPU cheap iPhone 7 case and cover drop proof
Ultra thin soft TPU cheap iPhone 7 case and cover drop proof

What’s best iPhone 6 screen replacement cost and quality?

Many people always concern about iPhone 6 screen replacement cost when they take their broken or damaged LCD on iPhone 6 to repair. In fact this is right, no matter you decide to leave your iPhone in Apple repair center or non-authorized third party to repair and it always produces screen replacement cost. Here we just simple rounded up different prices with different quality in the market for your reference and hope these information is useful for you.

12.8USD-this price is quoted based on high copy quality which is also called AAA grade. It means that LCD, digitizer, front glass and frame are not real. Most of them use aftermarket or super high copy parts to assemble. Although this LCD assembly can be compatible with iPhone 6 after many times test and upgrade. It seems that and color display and touch control performance is also working well, but its biggest issue is not good durability and stability. Of course this quality and price is good suitable for you if you are seeking for lowest price and do not request too high in performance.

31USD-Well if you are willing to spend more on better quality screen replacement for your iPhone6, this quality is priority to choose. This kind of quality is called OEM original refurbished. It means that LCD panel and touch screen digitizer is real, but the frame and front glass is aftermarket parts. We have tested many this OEM refurbished LCD assembly and found its color quality display and stability is better than copy LCD. For example, it would not appear some unintelligible lines or grids on the screen like aftermarket LCD assembly. Moreover the color picture is clear and good durability to use.

55USD. We must point out that 100% OEM complete original iPhone assembly comes from Apple authorized LCD panel manufacturers such as LG, Sharp, Toshiba, in-cell, etc. so this is exact 100% OEM quality LCD assembly. The whole parts include LCD panel + touch screen digitizer + front glass + frame + other parts are real and they are produced by Apple authorized OEM manufacturers.

In conclusion, which quality and price you should consider? It depends on your requirements instead of pursuit blindly lowest or highest price. Meanwhile affordability is also important.

What’s iPhone 6 screen replacement cost?

How to install iPhone 6 tempered screen protector?

Give a premium protection for your iPhone 6’s screen is necessary! This is also worthy investment since tempered glass play a shield & safeguard role for screen, which let you use it without any risk of screen is damaged and shattered even if you drop your phone into floor careless.

Installing tempered glass screen in your iPhone 6 is easy, no need to know technical knowledge, here are several simple steps for your reference:

  1. Cleaning fingerprint oil contamination on the screen by wet tissue, wipe dry the surface of screen by dry tissue again.
  1. Locating tempered glass screen protector and align tempered glass with edge or hole location in phone then slowly place down.
  1. Make tempered glass screen protector slowly adsorb and stick on the screen by touch the center of screen.
  1. Easily wipe away residue little bubble on the screen protector with fingerprint or provided clean cloth.

How to install iPhone 6 tempered glass screen protector


iPhone part replacement: a wonderful and stress-free experience

One of the impressive qualities of iPhone is not its speed and flexibility, but the fact that it is a long-term investment that pays off for years. People are constantly replacing old phones annually, because most are not designed to last past the two year contract life span. While a few embrace this change, others are pleased with the type of phone they have, particularly iPhone users, so they don’t want to go through switching of phones all the time. Unlike the other phone models that usually break and are expensive to repair, compare to buying another phone, iPhone repair parts can be easily found so that in case anything goes wrong with your iPhone, you can easily fix it.

Using iPhone repair parts rather than buying a brand new phone will save you cash, time and stress. One of the most frequent complaints of customers who have phone plans with other companies is often that their phones usually break or fall apart before the end of their agreement. Most people cannot simply wait for the contract update at the end of the year because of the demand for technology in everyday lives. People want their phones every time, even staying a day without a phone nowadays is like being stuck on a desert island.

With an iPhone, however, you can find iPhone repair parts at an even more affordable price when compared with investing in a new one. iPhone has adopted the logical perspective on phone maintenance, knowing that things happen and phones break. Either you drop the phone too many situations or have a water damage experience, being able to get iPhone repair parts makes users lives easier and less frustrating.

If perhaps your iPhone breaks, you can easily buy the particular iPhone repair parts that are needed and take it to the nearest customer support and repair center. This implies that your phone can get fixed instantly and at an affordable cost. This is great news for all iPhone users because it indicates that they can get more from their investment. With the low price and accessibility to iPhone repair parts, iPhone users can relax comfortably knowing that their precious pocket sized piece of technology that links them to the world will be durable.

Cell phones have become so important in our life and we have grown to be too dependent on them that life could be paralyzed without the gadget. Most people today depend on phones to communicate and also get businesses running. They’re basically devices that have made communicating, sharing and entertainment better and even more convenient. Nevertheless, a cellular phone might not be the only thing that you need to make your experience the best. Sometimes many factors may lead to circumstances where you accessories to improve your phone performance. There are numerous accessories you can find to upgrade the performance as well as the appearance of your mobile phone for a better user experience. Examples of these accessories include mobile cases, screen guards, headsets, chargers, reserve batteries, data cables, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

The durability of cell phones is dependent on the use of accessories and utilizing these accessories will do the phone a world of good.

Which portable bluetooth speaker has the best bass?

Looking for affordable price, but comes with best bass portable Bluetooth speaker? Here we just recommend ideal one for your reference, HiFi NFC portable bluetooth speaker with long battery life.

This HiFi NFC portable bluetooth speaker with long battery life is built to create hifi music sound, configures top notch hardware make it perform epic sound quality, perfect for streaming and share hifi music wireless & seamless, experience real first rate sound.
Our senior designer work hard blended in professional acoustic design factors to the device, which make it stand out from others. Compare to other regular Bluetooth speakers in the market, our boom portable Bluetooth speaker comes with as series of advanced configurations:
First: Latest wireless transmission Bluetooth 4.0 technology, keep high quality audio file transmission without lost distortion, it also includes features as follows:

1. CSR Chipset Bluetooth 4.0 with APT-X sound technology
2. Supports Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)
3. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) 1.2
4. Hands-Free Profile (HFP) 1.5
5. Headset Profile (HSP) 1.1
6. NFC (Near Field Communication)
7. Wireless Range: up to 10m

Second: use top notch quality speakers, which produce crystal clear and rich sound quality, excellent bassy technique perform out incredible deep bass. And also adopted noise cancelling microphone allows you to make and receive call via Bluetooth pair up, also includes features as follows:

1.2 x 3 watts crystal clear acoustic speaker
2. 4 x 9 cm Ultra bass passive radiator
3. Built-in Noise cancelling Microphone
4. Stereo sound performance
5. Output: 90dBm

Third: the housing case is made of anodized aluminum that make it looks quality feeling, anodized aluminum case has strong ability to anti erosion and scratch, the color is bright and beautiful. In addition, it has also anti fingerprint on the surface of the case and not easy to get rusty.
High Quality Aluminum body finishing
Enough portability design
Forth: Button and battery
Touch sensitive buttons with backlight
About 10 hours of continuous play (varies by volume level and audio content)
Built-in rechargeable 1000mHA Lithium-ion battery
Dimension and weight
Length: 120mm
Width: 60mm
Height: 54mm
Weight: 340 grams


Any Bluetooth enable device

AUX Input
Micro-USB (charging only)
Package content
3.5mm stereo cable
Micro USB cable
User guide

Which portable bluetooth speaker has the best bass?

Buy larger quantity iPhone 5/5s/5c broken LCD

It’s easy for iPhone user to misunderstand that the front LCD panel digitizer assembly is complete broken once damaged careless, in fact, there is third layers in front LCD digitizer assembly, first layer is LCD panel, second layer is touch screen digitizer and third is glass panel. The third layer- glass panel play important role in protecting LCD panel, general speaking, apple use most hardness front glass panel from corning gorilla to assemble, it has good performance in scratch resistant and anti-drop, provide enough protection for LCD panel layer, so it does not means that LCD display is also damaged when you saw the front glass panel is broken into debris, we are purchasing this original LCD panel digitizer assembly with broken glass panel at competitive price. Here are some standard for your reference.
1. Genuine LCD panel digitizer assembly for iPhone 5/5s/5c

(1) LCD panel must be working
(2) LCD panel must be original
(3) LCD with digitizer must be working
(4) Front glass panel can be broken

They can be recycled and resold to us if you have these iPhone 5/5s/5c LCD digitizer with broken front glass panel, we can buy them at large quantity and higher price than other suppliers, you can get about 17USD for these original LCD panel digitizer assembly with broken glass from us, actual price may depends on actual condition of LCD panel assembly.

For more details, please feel free to contact me as soon as possible.

what is the best MFI certified battery case for iphone 6 plus

People always want to find cheap, MFI certified, simple  and good enough battery case to provide extra battery life for your iPhone 6 plus, people also know Mophie’s iPhone battery case is the best, however its price is also expensive and make users feel be pressed for money, here we just recommend another one MFI certified 4000 mAh battery case for iPhone 6 plus for you, the price is lower and quality can be taken to compare with other brand’s battery case, it’s not a halfpenny the worse.

This best iPhone 6 plus external battery case use apple MFI certified 8 pin lightning connector head to connect iPhone 6 plus to quick recharge, it ensure 100% supporting latest IOS and charging without problem, it has built in stable and high efficiency Li-polymer real 4000mAh battery capacity, which provide extra battery life for iPhone 6 plus to give you the extra juice you need to get you through the day.

The best iPhone 6 plus battery case has slim body, simple and portable design, lightweight, more convenient to carry around on the go. The mobile battery case is best external power source because it can store battery in advance and release battery to cell phone when they are in urgent need of using and also the housing case use pro-environment superior materials to build and no harmful to human, 3 colors are available for choice.

It has removable cover on the top of the case, plugging cell phone onto connector head in the battery case after just light pull cover up then it start to work. There are four indicators in the back of case, the front raised edge is good to protect screen while cell phone is charging, and precise cut design allow accessing all button ports.

Wholeale price is 24.5USD, one year warranty is provided, retail price at 28USD.


1*Retail Gift-Box, 1*Battery Case, 1*User Manual, 1*headphone extension cable (adapter)


1. Input: 5.0V/500mA
2. Output: 5.0±0.25V/500mA
3. Capacity: Li-polymer / 4000mAh
4. Color: black/white/golden
5. Size: 172*82.5*15mm
6. Weight: 120.7g

Where to buy genuine iphone 6 lcd display assembly?

Where to buy genuine iphone 6 lcd display assembly replacement ?

The most of iPhone 6 LCD display panel are under selling on over the internet is high copy or half genuine, it’s hard to get really genuine quality standard when you shop via the internet, however you still have the opportunity to purchase genuine one if you find the right place.
Here are some information for your reference:
1. Apple use LG, sharp, Toshiba and topply LCD panel as LCD display panel supplier for their iPhone, it’s not easy to recognize the difference between fake and genuine if you are not professional person, but there is one way is easy to indentify genuine and fake standard, use image color display effect and brightness to compare between them, genuine quality looks like more crystal and clear, balance brightness, fake quality looks like little yellow color, but this is not quality issues, just different brand LCD panel, the color and display is also different.
2. Most of iPhone 6 LCD display panel digitizer assembly what you see from the internet that claimed their quality is genuine may be lie only, because this quality is at best half genuine! It means that the LCD panel is genuine, that’s right, but frame and glass panel is not real genuine! So this is called half genuine quality, many of these quality are from refurbished and repair, but please do not forget this is closest to genuine, original standard.
3. Apple makes diversity of LCD display panel suppliers for iPhone 6, not only LG and sharp, others like Japan display, it is biggest occupation rate of all of apple LCD panel suppliers, about 33~36%, secondly, 30~35% may comes from LG and rest of 25~30% may be from sharp. Certain quantity of genuine and original LCD panels can be released into the market from LG or sharp manufacturer via special channels, vendors can sell you directly for this quality, cost is also different with other quality, anyway it request you to make clear with shoppers or wholesalers about quality confirmation before order. For more details you can check with this website (, they provide you with more professional answer and support.
4. as you know, iPhone 6 LCD display panel digitizer assembly is consist of several parts, includes LCD panel, touch panel, glass panel, frame, IC and backlight, different brand LCD panel vary different displaying effect.

wifi speakers vs bluetooth speakers comparison

wifi speakers vs bluetooth speakers comparison, which one is best?

As wireless technology improving and developing quickly in the past few years, they are widely applied to many products in some filed, specially on audio and video devices, thanks to these application, it do change and make our living easier and more convenient. Here we are taking about wireless audio devices such as bluetooth and wifi enabled speaker.

People cannot do without music in modern living, it is not only bringing rich enjoyment in auditory sense, but also in body soul relaxation, although a wide variety of mobile phone comes with bluetooth or wifi and built in tiny loudspeaker to play music, they cannot produce shocking and powerful sound quality, so people usually choose professional sound generator to stream music.

There are a wide of selection range of sound generator such as FM radio speaker, bluetooth speaker, wifi speaker, airplay speaker, etc. but as professional audio devices: wireless bluetooth speaker and wifi speaker is pervasive in the market, they get advantages no matter in sound quality, function and performance between both of them, however there are still differences between bluetooth and wifi speaker, which one is best for your choice? we made form and list out simple and easy to understand key points, since there are too many articles in blog talking about Bluetooth speaker and wifi speaker over the internet, here we just give you summary.

[table id=1 /]

Meanwhile, the cost of wifi speakers is higher than bluetooth speakers, because the cost of wifi chip and its configuration is too high, compare to bluetooth speaker, maybe only cost 10 ~20USD can get one with not bad sound quality, so all you want just depends on your requirements or like.

wifi speaker vs bluetooth speaker


kinfomtech’s new website is online now

Congratulation! our new website is finished and online now, more and more lastest products are publishing,  please pay attendion to it. we are striving to provide our customer with more innovative wireless bluetooth speakers, iPhone replacement parts, smart wrist watch, etc. and professional services.