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Lowest Cost is best price policy at kinfomtech! We are striving to provide our customers with premium workmanship, high quality, on time delivery and affordable cost. 

Our price policy can be divided into several types as follows:

  1. Retail Price: the unit price is higher than normal wholesale, MOQ: 1pcs, this price policy term only meet some of countries (US/EU) or who are near China due to international express fees are too expensive, it is not economic effective.
  2. Small Wholesale Price Policy: the unit price is lower than retail price but higher than mass wholesale price. MOQ is 10~100pcs. This price policy is beneficial some of buyers who are starting to run their own business in the beginning, no risk of needing bulk stock! 
  3. Bulk Order Price Policy: the unit price is much lower than small quantity wholesale price, the MOQ is 100~1000pcs. This price policy is beneficial some of buyers who are able to purchase bulk quantity for quick resale and have good sale channels market. 
  4. OEM and ODM Price Policy: designed for your price! designed for your functions! designed for your product appearance! This price policy is beneficial buyers who are chasing high end product with unique features in the market and also running their own chain stores. 

Please remember that price is not all things of a product! But also workmanship, features, experience, quality and service. Your comments are welcome to propose.

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